The WELVET project aims at decreasing the gap between existing and required skills by developing an innovative VET continuous course to lead to expanding existing vocational qualifications. The newly acquired knowledge, skills and competencies would lead to practicing the occupation of "wellness instructor" at European level.
WELVET Partners
The WELVET partnership is a joint effort of 7 organisations (2 associations, 3 VET providers and 2 SMEs) from 5 European countries, encompassing 4 main regions of Europe (South-Eastern, Central, North and Western). The project is 24 months and the main activities are grouped into 5 work packages, covering all main processes such as management, research, development, testing, dissemination and exploitation. The main partners in the project are: Leading organization: Samokov Borovets JSC – BG www.samokov.com BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH – AT (www.best.at) The Balkan Cluster for Health, Wellness and SPA Tourism – BG The Federation of Sports Pedagogues of the Republic of Macedonia – MK Progress and Knowledge (PKVET) – BG Stevens and Associates (SA) – UK Kuressaare Ametikool (KAK) – EE
The WELVET project is based on transnational cooperation effort of VET providers and economic actors in the field of wellness tourism. The project's main intellectual output, a C-VET course for the emerging "wellness instructor" job, is addressing a pressing need of the European wellness tourism industry, namely the lack of trained staff to deliver high quality customer service
Intelectual outputs
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WLVET project